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By Katharine Swan On Monday, January 23, 2006 At 8:34 PM

I am embarking on a new writing venture: ghostwriting. The gig is fairly low pay, overall, but I figured it's a good way to get warmed up again in fiction: by practicing on someone else's stuff. :o) Plus, it's fairly easy to write stories when the plot is already pretty much laid out for me; I just have to do a little embellishing. The only tricky part is that I only have 48 hours to write each 5,000 word story. When I don't have anything else to do, it's not a big deal, but when I'm busy with babysitting and other writing assignments, it may get in the way a little to have a deadline-sensitive job like this.

I certainly had my reservations about taking on this job, but I figured I might as well try it out, see what it's like before I pass judgment. So far I'm liking it... I found this first story rather intriguing. Luckily, I can write fiction much easier and faster than nonfiction.

Oh, and I took my own advice: I requested a contract when it became clear there wasn't one already. Oh, and before taking the job, I balked at the writing test - and won! The employer let me send writing samples that I'd already written, instead of spending a lot of time writing a custom sample for a job I might not get. He understood perfectly when I voiced my concerns, particularly about people taking advantage of freelancers by using "test" work without paying.

Anyway, I need to get back to writing my story! I also work for one of my families for the next few days, which will be good money but will also keep me away from my writing for somewhere around 6 hours each day. Unfortunate, but I guess I need the money. I really should help out with the bills a little more next month...

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