The grossest thing I've ever seen in my life!

By Katharine Swan On Monday, February 13, 2006 At 12:16 AM

It's funny - working with kids, I was always able to keep my head when they got hurt, but seeing Michael's wound still freaked me out - probably because there wasn't an emergency to focus on. (I think that classifies me as action-oriented.) Michael was allowed to take his first shower tonight, but we weren't supposed to leave the soggy bandage on, so off it came! And this is what we saw:

I was expecting regular stitches, not staples, so seeing seven silver slivers intersecting the wound, like rungs on a ladder, was rather disturbing. Also, the wound was longer than both of us expected - the picture doesn't show the actual length well, because of the angle I took it at, but it's only a little under two inches - maybe one and three-quarters.

No wonder Michael is in pain, even on Percocet!

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