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By Katharine Swan On Saturday, February 25, 2006 At 9:50 PM

There's nothing quite so good for a writer as when another writer pays you a compliment. I recently posted a link to Will Write for Chocolate, a new web comic that I've delighted in following. The author found my blog because I'd linked to hers, and linked back to mine from another of her blogs for writers. Here is the link as it appears on Inkygirl, and the compliment she paid me:

I was, of course, quite pleased by the compliment as well as the traffic she will, no doubt, send my way. I'm also thrilled to gain a little recognition in the freelance community. Whether or not it's true, it makes me feel like the effort I've put into freelancing is actually getting me somewhere (and it probably is true, considering the upward trend in my income). I only hope my hard work continues to pay off!

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