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By Katharine Swan On Thursday, February 09, 2006 At 9:26 PM

I'm happy to say that I've found a new "regular" gig to replace my blogging gig...for a little while, at any rate. It's a gig writing press releases. I get paid per release, when I turn them all in at the end of the week. I like the fact that it's a weekly paycheck, instead of a monthly check like the blog was - not to mention it's paid through paypal, so I get my money immediately. (I love paypal, by the way - I think every writer should have a paypal account.) During the next couple of weeks, I won't be babysitting as much, so that money will be quite welcome.

Also, I may be starting an editing gig very soon. I'm hoping to get work as soon as tomorrow. I want to have plenty of assignments while Michael is under the weather; if this goes well, perhaps I can justify cutting back on my supplemental work hours!

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