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By Katharine Swan On Sunday, March 19, 2006 At 2:45 AM

I've had a little bit of a slower week, so today after finishing a batch of short articles, I decided to catch up on some basic administrative stuff I've been neglecting for some time now: updating my website and portfolios. I hadn't updated my main website in two months, and I know it's been at least twice that since I updated my hardcopy portfolio (a binder that I keep with printouts of my published clips).

It took a little over two hours to print everything and update the site, but it's all done now! I still have a few updates I want to do to the site, and I still need to make dividers and new a table of contents page for my binder, but the important stuff is updated.

The biggest update I made to my site tonight was the addition of another item on my online portfolio page: a link to samples of the press releases I've been writing. I was able to hunt down quite a few of them on the web tonight, even though they don't list a byline. My portolio displays only a few of the total number I've written so far.

I guess in some ways it's rather tedious that I have to do this stuff myself, but I can't say I don't like doing it. It's fun to try this or that to my site and see what I like the looks of more. It's also fun to assemble all of my published clips into a professional-looking portfolio. I suppose it's very un-writer-like, but I actually enjoy all the technological aspects of being a freelance writer very much. In fact, I don't think I could do it without them!

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