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By Katharine Swan On Thursday, June 15, 2006 At 2:39 AM

I thought I should share the updates I am getting about Panama, my colt. He is showing a lot of spirit, by occasionally kicking whoever is cleaning the wounds on his ankles. Michael's brother has trained him to walk on a lead rope, and he says the little guy is very vocal.

We have also begun to wonder if Panama is really 11 months old, like we were lead to believe. We're guessing more like eight or nine months. Most likely the bastard who was selling the colt and his mother had lied about how old the colt is and when the mare was due. It's not inconceivable, since the guy obviously wasn't honest, and Panama is obviously so small.

Being away from Panama is difficult. When I hear about him getting halter-broke, I want to be the one whose step he learns to shadow, whose voice he learns to recognize. And when I hear about how vocal he is, I want it to be me he's talking to.

Eventually we will need to find a solution, as I am determined to be the one who trains him to be ridden in two or three years. And I don't want him to be a stranger to him then, either.

For the moment, though, there's little we can do. We'll go visit again soon, and I'll just have to wait until then to get to know my colt.


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