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By Katharine Swan On Wednesday, August 30, 2006 At 12:09 PM

I've been noticing, the past few weeks, that suddenly I seem to have slowed down. I'm working, just much more slowly than I usually do. My usual "quickie" gigs - articles that usually take half an hour or so each - have turned into an all-day ordeal. I don't know how I can get back onto the fast track again, but the slower pace is frustrating me very much.

It's something of a comfort to know that I'm not the only one. One of the writer blogs I follow, the Writer's Confidant Blog, talks about end-of-summer procrastination. Although that's not quite what I am experiencing, I think it just might come down to the same thing. I think I'm slowing up because I got burned out on the excessive workload earlier in the summer.

Anyway, I have a few things to try to wrap up before the holiday weekend, so I guess I had better get back to it. Hopefully the long weekend will help me recover from this snail's pace...

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