Another night of sacrificed NaNo time

By Katharine Swan On Friday, November 17, 2006 At 12:03 AM

I won't be writing again tonight. Unfortunately, I need to get up very early tomorrow - probably about 6:45, which is extremely early for me - in order to take Michael to work so I can borrow his car. (Mine has not been running for a few weeks now, as I haven't had the time to fix it.)

I also have a very busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I am interviewing a subject for an article tomorrow morning; I have a doctor's appointment in the afternoon; and I babysit in the evening. Somewhere in there I'd also like to squeeze in getting a haircut, picking up a couple of books on hold for me at the library, and getting some writing work done.

Unfortunately, this pace may continue through the weekend. Saturday there is a doll sale I've been waiting to go to; Sunday and Monday we are celebrating Michael's birthday; and Tuesday all of the local NaNoWriMo-ers are going to see the movie Stranger Than Fiction. And then with Thanksgiving coming up soon after that... Well, finding time to write may be a struggle in the next few days.


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Blogger Kathy@TheFlawlessWord Says:  

Ahh, this is precisely why I didn't attempt NaNo this year. I love the concept, but real life has been getting in the way of everything for me these days. I did "win" it the first year I participated though. Haven't touched my masterBEAST since then. These days, I'm working on nonfiction; the chances of selling are far greater, but I so admire people like you who keep their eye on the great-American-novel prize.

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

Thank you for your comment, Kathy. I'm sure I'll get caught up soon enough. It's a labor of love for me, even more so than the nonfiction - I love doing any type of writing, but fiction I loved long before there was ever a notion of getting paid for my writing.


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