Website coding and learning backwards

By Katharine Swan On Thursday, February 08, 2007 At 10:46 PM

Well, most of you have probably had a chance to check out my site's new look. (If you haven't yet, please go take a look!) I am prouder than I probably have a right to be, partly because I did nearly all of it myself.

Basically, I took the free template that this blog uses and changed everything: the background color and graphics, the header layout and graphics, the width, the fonts, etc. And although it took me most of a day, I'm proud to say I did it myself...and it was fun.

The next day, I also changed it even more to make a site for selling my doll stringing instructions.

For me, coding is all about being able to learn backwards. The only HTML I ever learned frontwards was the simple stuff: codes for paragraph, font, and special appearances. The rest I've all learned by taking templates (free myspace layouts and blog templates) and a lot of Google searches and trial-and-error. A little bit of coding knowledge (and the ability to Google) has enabled me to figure out what various coding means.

It's done me pretty well, I'd say.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

You sure have done yourself good, girl! ;o)

Your site is looking fantastic! I love it!


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