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By Katharine Swan On Thursday, March 15, 2007 At 12:15 PM

I have been so busy trying to reach my goals for the week that I haven't been able to blog about my progress! It hasn't helped, either, that I have had to work on my car and deal with the drama surrounding my little blog lately.

Anyway, I am pathetically short of my goal -- for the first three days of the week, I have only clocked 11 1/2 hours. Part of this was because I had to take time out to work on my car Tuesday and yesterday.

Despite my lack of hours, though, I have been able to get a lot more done in that time that I would otherwise have expected. Part of it is because I have decided to shift my daily job search back to the end of the day, rather than doing it mid-afternoon. I may be missing out on some jobs that way, because of the rather fierce competition, but I've discovered that I get the most work done during that time (now that I'm not working late at night anymore).

Speaking of not working late at night anymore, I'm not waking up as early as I did on Monday, but my schedule is much better. I've been going to bed by 2am and waking up by 11am (it would be 10am if I would hear my freaking alarm). I've also been getting all my work done during the day and early evening, so that I can just read before I go to bed at night. It's only a few hours' difference, but it makes a big difference in the way I run my day.

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Blogger Irreverent Freelancer Says:  

Count me in the unproductive camp this week. I know this car ordeal has taken a toll on you, but have you thought about putting a positive spin on it? Common Ties is currently looking for "Crime" stories. The problem is you have to write on spec, but since you've already done so much writing about it here, you should have a great start. It might earn you a couple hundred bucks. Just an idea. Hope we both get back on track soon!

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

Thanks for the idea. I hadn't thought of it, but to tell the truth I'm a little hesitant to submit to Common Ties anymore. I haven't had much luck with them, and I've heard a lot of that from other people, too.

What it really comes down to is that I have a lot of paying work right now, so I don't think I'll have time to write something on spec! If I had more time, I might try it. I'm sure you know how that goes.

Blogger Irreverent Freelancer Says:  

I'm not much of a spec writer either, but you can add me to those who have been rejected (or ignored I suppose is the better word) by Common Ties. I tried twice, once with a story I thought was really good (better than some that ultimately got published if I do say so myself), and no go. I may or may not try again when I have some free time to play with. I wouldn't, however, put off paying work on the off chance they'll someday like what I write. I think Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell recently had a story picked up by them though.

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

That's the thing about Common Ties, isn't it -- they ignore you. I hate that. A reply would be nice, even if it's just a form letter rejection...

Anyway, your suggestion had me thinking of how I could write the story, and in the end I got all excited about it. I think I might try it after all. :o)

Blogger Irreverent Freelancer Says:  

Hi Katharine, I tried to send a message last night but I kept getting a 502 Google error. So sorry if this is a semi-repeat. Since I'm snowed in this weekend, I'm thinking of writing a crime story for Common Ties as well. Even though they ignored my previous subs, I figure I can somehow rework them for future publication. So, if you're up for a writing buddy, feel free to send your story along for feedback.

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

Thanks for your comment, Kathy. I just might take you up on that! :o)


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