My weekend has been hijacked!

By Katharine Swan On Saturday, May 12, 2007 At 1:31 PM

I've been playing catch-up all week, trying to get back into my work routine after nearly two weeks away. So far it's been fairly trying, which means I have some work to finish up on this weekend.

Unfortunately, our dryer chose last night to die on us, which complicated my weekend plans quite a bit. (It's been squeaking intermittently for about eight months, so we knew it was coming -- just not now.) We spent a considerable chunk of our morning trying to figure out what the model number is (can you believe it's not on the dryer at all?!), researching dryer components, and visiting a local used appliance and repair shop.

Ultimately, we decided the dryer -- which is at least twenty years old and rather basic -- wasn't worth trying to fix. The repairs would have been only about $70 less than the refurbished dryer we bought (which is considerably newer, I might add, not to mention considerably nicer), and although we might have been able to fix it ourselves, it no doubt would have cost us an entire day -- not to mention a week's worth of frustration.

The delivery crew brought the new dryer (and took the old one away) just a little bit ago. In the end I think this little escapade cost us about four hours, but unfortunately I babysit tonight so I'm on a bit of a time schedule. Luckily, I only have a couple of priority jobs to do this weekend, so I'll just concentrate on getting those done.

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