My new desk chair: Comfort is the key

By Katharine Swan On Sunday, July 22, 2007 At 7:40 PM

I have the perfect home office setup. Michael's and my desks share the front bedroom of our two-bedroom bungalow -- a room I usually call "the study." My desk faces the large, front-facing window that overlooks one side of the generous porch, allowing me excellent natural light, not to mention a nice view of anything that goes on (or doesn't go on) during the day.

Besides our desks, the room contains two bookcases, my rocker, and a nesting table that houses the printer.

My desk is beautiful: a heavy, antique desk in a dark stain with three leather panels inset in the top. Although it is a heavy, chunky style, it is probably meant to be a lady's desk, because it is low and the footwell is small.

Unfortunately, the chair (a small vintage dining chair) that came with the desk when I bought it isn't very comfortable. I have never been able to sit in it for long periods of time, and I have a difficult time working when I am not completely comfortable. As a result I spend more time in my rocker with my laptop on my lap, than at the desk I am so proud of.

I finally realized last night why I dislike my chair so much: it is too high for my desk. Basically, it puts my forearms at the wrong level for typing. As a result I tend to sit in an odd slump, with one leg tucked up under me, which doesn't stay comfortable for long.

So I decided last night that I needed a new desk chair, one about an inch lower. I found what I was looking for today, at a nearby antique mall. It's a dark spindle-back chair with a beautiful hand-painted banner across the top. The seat is not padded, just a wood seat with a depression for your butt, but the chair is comfortable nonetheless.

Since I'm pretty proud of my find, I'll post a few pictures here.

The flash tends to bleach out the painted banner, so this is the best I could get. The banner is of light pink roses and green leaves. The design is raised, so I think it is carved into the wood.

And here's a picture of my work space, with the new desk chair -- please don't mind the mess.

I'm hoping to spend a little more time at my desk now. Hopefully the new desk chair will do the trick!

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