Vacation? What vacation?

By Katharine Swan On Wednesday, September 05, 2007 At 9:13 AM

Do any of you find that it is virtually impossible to take vacation time? The busier I have gotten in my job, the more difficult it seems to have become to take time off. Most of my clients are totally understanding when I say I need a break, but unfortunately all it takes is one demanding client to ruin a vacation.

Sometimes I think the only time I actually get my scheduled time off is when I go somewhere and make myself physically unavailable. Taking a vacation on my couch just doesn't work, because certain clients seem to think that I'm home, so I might as well be working!

I had grand plans to turn my Labor Day weekend into a vacation. Michael took Friday off of work, so my goal was to finish my Big Project by Thursday evening. I was also going to take yesterday and today off. Unfortunately, none of that worked out.

At least I had today off... Or so I thought. Then it occurred to me that my horse may be arriving Thursday evening or Friday morning, which means I'm not going to want to work on Friday. So instead, I think I'll be working today and tomorrow, and taking Friday off.

It's still a day off, and the nice thing is that it will be attached to a weekend. However, there are two problems with this plan:

1) Work almost always has a habit of spilling over onto a day off.

2) It won't be the day of lounging around and reading, which is really what I've been dreaming of.

However, I already know that if I take today off, I'll end up not wanting to work after my horse arrives, and probably having to work yet another weekend to make up for it. I want this weekend to be completely work-free, so I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and work today after all.

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