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By Katharine Swan On Sunday, September 23, 2007 At 4:40 PM

If you have signed up for the Muse Online Writing Conference, don't forget that your event choices are due by Tuesday, September 25th. A couple of fellow writers have reminded me by asking what I'm signing up for.

Here is what is on my list at this moment:

How to Keep Your Book Alive and Selling for a Long, Long, Long, Long Time

Historical Fiction (and a long subtitle I'm not going to type)

Protecting Yourself and Your Work
Book Marketing for Shy and Frugal Authors
Funds for Writers

Improve Your Web Site Performance with Google Analytics
Going Beyond the Book Review: Getting Your Name — and Book — in the Media

Niche Writing for Pet Publications
The Shy Writer: Self-Promotion that Hurts Less

The Art and Science of Self-Publishing

Dialogue Workshop

Weeklong Workshops:
Becoming a Writer's Reader: How to Edit Your Own and Other People's Manuscripts
How to Write Your Author Biography and Compose Professional Press Releases
How to Publish a Novel Your Way

Obviously, this is an ambitious workload, and I may still have to cut few of these — particularly on Wednesday! I will probably take the week off of work — or at least work a light load — to help me fit all of this in.

What are you signed up for?


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

How do you register?
Do we email our list?

Email me: j dot mousseau at hotmail dot com ...


Anonymous Anonymous Says:  


I registered yesterday. Lea Schizas replied with a bunch of lessons that I can't register for anymore because they're already full. :( Good thing they're available all week so I can shuffle the schedule around. I think I really would have to take one week off because I've practically registered for...well, almost everything. Haha~

Blogger Kathy@TheFlawlessWord Says:  

Yikes, I sent my list on Saturday, but I received no response from Lea. I wonder if she even got it? Katharine, did you get a curtesy reply when you officially signed up?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

BTW, this was part of Lea's reply:

"Right now most of the chats are at full capacity but you can still get the benefits of most of the workshops through our weeklong sessions. See below which ones you cannot take as real chat but have registered for the all week sessions."

Does that I mean I cannot attend the chat but the transcript would be available for my viewing for the whole week? I don't exactly know what "weeklong sessions" mean.

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  


I just officially signed up. I'll let you know when I hear back.


Thanks for your posts. I sent my email in and officially signed up right after reading your first post.

If chats are full, I am going to be more than a little annoyed. I didn't see ANYWHERE, either in Lea's email or the schedule document, that this was first-come-first-served. Did you?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:  


No, I haven't seen any. But I'm guessing that they limited the participants since their server might not be able to handle the excessive bandwidth. That's too bad though, there's a "Chat only" session I had wanted to attend. :( I also got an email back from Lea, and apparently, "week long sessions" meant access to a private forum which would be up all week.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

PS: I just got my first handout for Marilyn Meredith's conference.

Blogger Kathy@TheFlawlessWord Says:  

Well now, I've not heard from Lea or any of my workshop hosts. I'm going to drop Lea an email and make sure she got my selections, seeing as how tomorrow is the deadline...NO exceptions.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

So, how did everyone else's registration go?

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

I guess I only didn't make it into two of the chats -- both of Hope Clark's workshop chats. That's too bad, as I was quite excited for those, but it sounds like just doing the week-long workshop should work out just fine.

It seems I made it into all of the other chats I signed up for. I've gotten about 4 handouts now, although I have yet to start looking through them.

Blogger Kathy@TheFlawlessWord Says:  

I *finally* got three handouts but still no word as to whether any of the workshops I signed up for were filled. Most of mine were the weeklong ones, so maybe that isn't an issue for me. For some reason, Lea's messages are going into my spam folder, so I hope I didn't inadvertently delete some of them.

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  


You may be okay. Only two of the ones I signed up for were filled, and I don't think you had signed up for either of those (Hope Clark's two class, Funds for Writers and The Shy Writer). Other than that, you and I signed up for many of the same things, so if only those two of mine were filled, I'll bet none of yours were either. :o)


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