Can you suggest some good fiction blogs?

By Katharine Swan On Friday, October 05, 2007 At 11:01 AM

Just a few days ago, I tagged the main character of my 2007 NaNo novel for the Random 8 Meme. (I'm working on the post right now, for those of you who were wondering.) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew of any similar fiction blogs? I thought it would be fun for "Lorelei" to tag eight other fictional characters, and get this meme circulating around the fiction blog world. Good exposure for my blog, too. :o)

Let me know if you have any suggestions.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

Katharine, I used to have one earlier this year:

It's supposed to be about a 16-year-old Filipino-American immigrant who's lost her mother to breast cancer. But I abandoned the project long ago. The entries need much proofing and editing, but since I decided not to go through with it, I'll just leave them as they are. Feel free to tag "her" though. "She'll" answer Lorelei. ;)

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

Thanks, Mariella! I'll put Iris on the list. I need to find seven more, though, so it may be a few days before Iris receives her official tag. :o)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

Okay! Iris will wait :3

BTW, I bought a host through dreamhost (dreamhost had a promo, $9.30 only for one-year hosting). I'll be setting up my web site sometime next week:

I've also set up my blog, finally!

There's nothing there yet, and I'll definitely change the theme later, just spreading the word around first. Hehe~

Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

Hey Katharine, I moved my blog to:

It's going to be permanent now, I swear! :D


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