What snacks help you work?

By Katharine Swan On Thursday, March 27, 2008 At 3:32 PM

When I was in 7th grade, my science teacher would hand out three Smarties to each student right before a test. He claimed that eating Smarties had been shown to make you temporarily smarter, so if we got stuck on a question we could eat a few for help. We were all pretty sure he was joking, but we ate those Smarties just in case!

I'm (pretty) sure now that it was just a cute gimmick, but I still find that snacking on something while I work helps me concentrate. My biggest weakness is Jelly Belly jelly beans, so that's what I snacked on today while working on my website updates. Other days, it might be pieces of apple or pear, crackers and cheese, or cookies. (I have a major sweet tooth, if you can't tell.)

Do you like to snack on anything while you work? If so, what are your favorite snacks?


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Blogger Irreverent Freelancer Says:  

I find snacking helps combat afternoon fatigue, but I try to be somewhat healthy about it. Lately I've been opting for a granola bar or a mixture of peanuts and raisins. With Easter having just passed, however, I'm still working on jelly beans and Peeps too. ;o)


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