Holiday weekend? What holiday weekend?

By Katharine Swan On Friday, May 23, 2008 At 9:58 AM

I keep remembering with a start that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend. For the first time in several years, we don't have any plans to go on vacation or do something holiday weekend-ish.

It's just as well, too, as I'll probably be working. I have a couple of deadlines set for tomorrow-ish, and I'll be scrambling to finish those up (I hope) by the end of today. Even if I do succeed in that, however, I still have some other work that I've neglected for the sake of these deadlines, so I anticipate playing a little catch-up this weekend.

Even more notable, since I've been thinking of next week as a full week, I've also been planning it as a full week: Although I don't have anything due on Monday, I do have several projects that I told clients I'd have finished by Tuesday or Wednesday. Whoops...

What about you? Are you taking Memorial Day weekend off to do something fun, or — like me — are you stuck working through the holiday weekend?


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:  

I have deadlines.

And, because I'm working more shows over the next two months than I planned, and splitting weeks to go house hunting, every day that's not on the road or in the theatre is a writing day.

Blogger Michele Says:  

I'm writing too. :-)


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