When I most love working from home

By Katharine Swan On Friday, August 15, 2008 At 11:20 AM

Today is cold, dreary, and rainy — it was not quite 50 degrees at mid-morning, and it has been raining constantly all day.

We don't have many days of solid rain in Colorado, but when we do it's always been a treat for me — especially as a freelancer. I love to write or read all snuggled up on the couch with the blinds open. Same with snowy days.

Now, however, I have a "job" of sorts — going to the barn to clean stalls. Not only do I not get to stay cozy on the couch all day, but I also need to work outside in it!

Cleaning Panama's stall last winter, I found that the cold doesn't bother me for long at the barn — I warm up pretty quickly. (Especially with the help of long underwear, which I hadn't worn since I was a kid and thought I'd never wear again.) The rain rather sucks, though. After I clean stalls today, I plan to warm up with a mug of hot tea and a comfy sweatsuit!


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