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By Katharine Swan On Monday, May 18, 2009 At 11:45 AM

While at the bookstore Sunday afternoon, I ran across an article in Consumer Reports about the types of work at home scams that are out there.

Check out the scam entitled "Start an Internet business." You give them your credit card number to ship a free CD, which signs you up for a recurring charge of $72.21 a month unless you cancel your membership. Unsurprisingly, the company has hundreds of BBB complaints against it — which, unfortunately, are being largely ignored.

What does this remind you of? Freelance Work Exchange, a.k.a., of course!

I still get emails and blog comments every single month from people thanking me for my warnings about Freelance Work Exchange and, or sharing their stories of how this work at home scam ensnared them. I have quite a few posts about them, but here are the highlights:

Is Freelance Work Exchange a scam?, in which I repost a lengthy complaint about FWE's questionnable practices
Freelance Work Exchange is now, a warning about FWE's new name and website — same basic scam
A note from Rob Palmer, in which the owner of FWE and gives me his email address and claims to be willing to resolve the complaints against him fails AGAIN to keep Rob Palmer's promises, in which Rob Palmer strikes out — I gave him a chance and he blew it!

Judging by the Consumer Reports article, Rob Palmer isn't the only get-rich-quick genius using these scammy tactics. But if I haven't convinced you yet to be more cautious, then hey, leave your credit card number in the comments and I'll be happy to sign you up for a FREE smack upside the head every time you even think about signing up!


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