A successful July

By Katharine Swan On Tuesday, August 04, 2009 At 10:37 PM

Last week, Lori Widmer over at Words on the Page posted with her monthly assessment for July. At the time, I already knew my July was going to be phenomenal, but I didn't want to post about it until I was sure. Then the weekend happened, and I had no time or inclination to blog at all until today.

Basically, July surpassed every other month this year, nearly achieving the high-end, reach-for-the-stars monthly income goal that I'd set at the beginning of the year. Boy was I surprised! Part of it was because I received a check from a client that only pays me every few months, but even without that check, my earnings for the month were well above last month's!

So far this year, I've noticed a distinct pattern. With the exception of March, which was a little bit skewed because I received several payments for February work at the beginning of March, I have increased my earnings every single month since the beginning of the year. January and February were a bit low, granted, but things are looking pretty darn good right now.

The question is, can I keep up this trend? Can I beat July's record in August? I'd like to think I can, especially with some changes I will be making to my schedule (more on that tomorrow). In July I was really able to increase my productivity, but I know I also need to market a bit more regularly. If I can do that, who knows — maybe I really will beat July's record this month!


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