Struggling through it

By Katharine Swan On Wednesday, January 19, 2011 At 10:46 AM

I've definitely had a rough time coming back from holiday mode.  The last time I posted, I was struggling with my first week back.  Although I didn't accomplish everything I'd wanted to by the end of the week, I did get some of it done.  Last week went similarly — difficult to get going on Monday and Tuesday, and by the time I started feeling somewhat productive, the weekend was upon me!

This week, I actually planned a somewhat slow start.  I worked on Monday, even though many people I knew had the holiday off.  (Luckily, Michael had to work, otherwise I would have gotten virtually nothing done.  It's hard to work when he is home.)  I even completed what I had to do.  I had a powerful motivator: A book I'd been waiting for since November was coming out on ebook at midnight, and I wanted to take Tuesday off to allow me to read it.  I was even planning on staying up all night reading, but unfortunately I got tired and went to bed around 2am.

My "reading day" didn't go exactly as I'd hoped, but I'd planned one day off and one only.  So even though I'm still not finished with the book, here I am, back at work!  Even though it's Wednesday, since I didn't work yesterday it feels a bit like a Monday, so I'll make a few goals for the rest of the week.

1) To finish a project that has been hanging over my head for a while now;
2) To make post-holiday contact with a few regular clients and see about lining up some new work; and
3) To get back on track with my blogs.

Modest goals for only having three days left in the week, but important ones.  Since I lost virtually all of December to illness and holidays, I am feeling the pinch now from a lack of marketing, so drumming up some new work is high on my list of priorities!


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