Back to freelancing again: It's time

By Katharine Swan On Wednesday, May 07, 2014 At 10:30 AM

I've been saying for months now that I miss freelancing.  Even though I had continued freelancing for some of my favorite long-time clients when I took the part-time nanny job two and a half years ago, I had all but stopped entirely in the past year.  Somewhere along the way, I'd lost the ability to manage my time quite so well -- probably while I was freelancing full-time and got into the habit of putting things off because I had "all day to get it done" -- and one by one, all of the things I worked on around my nanny hours (freelancing, blogging, even my novel) fizzled out.

Thanks to a friend's recommendation of Todoist, though, I've been increasing and maintaining my productivity fairly well the past couple months.  I've been both blogging and working on my fiction with a fair amount of regularity.  Therefore I think it's time to add a third thing into the mix.

I'm going to start freelancing regularly again.

I'm not quitting my nanny job -- I actually have developed quite an attachment to those kids and their family, and I want to stay with them for as long as they'll have me -- but I only work part-time, so I should be able to manage blogging, working on my novels, and freelancing around my hours with the kids.  I'll be conservative about how much freelance work I pick up at first, of course, but I'll just have to see how much I can manage.

I'm ready.  It's time!


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