Muse Online Writers Conference canceled for 2014

By Katharine Swan On Wednesday, September 24, 2014 At 12:00 PM

Yesterday I thought to go looking for information on the 2014 Muse Online Writers Conference.  I participate in this conference nearly ever year, and have since their very first year, so I was disappointed to find in my searching that the 2014 conference has been canceled.  It wasn't a very prominent announcement, I felt, so I thought I would share the news here in case my writerly friends weren't aware of it yet.

I'm disappointed because I was planning on participating more this year.  I was very into it their first year, virtually taking the week off work (I was freelancing full-time) to attend discussions and participate in workshops, but in the following years I wasn't as able to put as much time into it.  Last year I managed a bit of a comeback, and I was planning on being even more active this year.

I'm also disappointed because the conference is always scheduled in October, so that it leads into NaNoWriMo nicely.  It was a fairly motivating combination for me last year, and I was hoping it would be again this year, too.

I love conferences with lots of stuff for writers, but I especially love that the Muse conference is free.  Sometimes the presenters can be hit or miss, but I thought there was a good list of panels and workshops last year, and I was hoping this year would be good, too.

Hopefully the 2015 conference will happen as planned.  The dates have not yet been announced, but I expect they will be within the next month.


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