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By Katharine Swan On Tuesday, December 09, 2014 At 11:00 AM

A blog I used to follow -- Irreverent Freelancer by writer friend Kathy Kehrli -- was just resurrected in order to give a warning about a deadbeat client: Q2A/Bill Smith Group, which changed its name to QBS Learning.

It sounds like there was an all-too-convenient "merger" right around when payment was due.  Funny when the timing works out that way, isn't it!

In any case, Kathy is still owed more than $1,200 plus interest.  She even offered them a steeply discounted settlement if they could pay in full right away... Nothing.

Sounds like she's not the only one, either.  Visit her blog post on the Q2A/Bill Smith Group a.k.a. QBS Learning for the full story, as well as links to a thread with more writer complaints.


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Blogger Irreverent Freelancer Says:  

Thanks for sharing this! Forgot to mention that if anyone else who has been screwed by this company would like to email me, s/he can do so at Kathy(at)theflawlessword(dot)com with the Subject line "Bill Smith Group." Perhaps if there are enough of us we can initiate a class action lawsuit!

Blogger Katharine Swan Says:  

Good idea! Thanks, Kathy!


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