Greetings from the NaNoWriMo finish line!

NaNoWriMo is officially over!  I actually did really well this month, as you can see from my graph.  I started off the month a little behind on word count, but then I got ahead and pretty much stayed ahead the entire month.

It also amuses me that you can really tell where the weekends fell throughout the month.  Most of the write-ins I went to were clustered around the weekend (Friday night, Sunday afternoon, Monday evening, and Tuesday evening).

I was also pleased with my badges this month.  I missed the badge for updating 30 days in a row, since I decided to take last Saturday completely off (even knowing I'd miss out on this badge), as well as the donation badge (just didn't have the money this year).  But I really enjoyed the process of watching the badges rack up all month.

I hit 50,000 Wednesday night and didn't blog at all on Thursday.  I did blog a little last night while at my last write-in of the year.  Today I'm finishing up the post I started while I was there (this one) and hoping that the habit of blogging daily or almost daily will stick with me beyond November.

How did NaNoWriMo go for everyone else?


By Katharine Swan On Saturday, December 01, 2018 At 9:02 PM 0 comments

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